"linking social society

and spatial design" 


short bio


Lena Braun (*1992) studied Spatial Design at the University of the Arts in Utrecht. In 2017 she graduated with a Bachelor degree in Arts before she completed her postgraduate studies of the premaster Architecture and Techniques at the Rotterdam Academy of Architecture and Urban Design


In 2012, she attended the Academy of the Arts Schwäbisch Hall to acquire different artistic skills and to form her own creative signature. In 2015 she received the Fund of Excellence scholarship and she started exhibiting internationally in 2016.





Researching social problems focusing on finding possible (spatial) solutions. Communication is the key in this process.


In the future she wants to investigate the actual influence of the spatial environment on the human psyche. What kind of affect can spatial design cause or create for the user, visitor, resident, admirer, interested or ignorant?


Lena lives and works in Rotterdam, Netherlands